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By Lee Hammond

Discover the no-fear, all-fun method to paint kin pets, barnyard animals, wooded area critters and unique creatures!

Paint life like Animals in Acrylic With Lee Hammond

What do you get in case you mix the ever-popular topic of animals, the easy medium of acrylic, and the pleasant, encouraging instructing form of Lee Hammond? an easy and enjoyable method to commence portray your favourite animals in a captivating, real looking style!

No earlier event? No challenge! Lee's easy-going method starts off with not anything greater than an meeting of spheres and a uncomplicated starting place of colour. 24 step by step demonstrations enable you to refine those simple parts into residing, respiring animal images, together with: cats, canines, horses, goats, cows, squirrels, rabbits, woodchucks, tigers, elephants, lions, turtles, snakes, iguanas, robins, swans, owls, and cockatoos.

This e-book is stuffed with specialist assistance for portray animal eyes, mouths, noses and ears. learn how to make fur and feathers glance remarkably genuine, and keep away from universal blunders like "humanizing" eyes. you will find a simple trick for making actual drawings and colour "recipes" for one of the most universal fur tones. ahead of you recognize it, you could paint not only the animals that roam and leap via this booklet, yet any animal that captures your heart!

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First upload a small quantity of diluted Prussian Blue, then a small volume of diluted Alizarin pink. building up the foliage and leaves with quite a few colours of eco-friendly, first making use of Ivory Black at the back of them. area the leaves with lighter shades to lead them to stand out. Create the stones underneath the iguana with various colours of grey, layering the tones from darkish to gentle. when you glance heavily, one can find a number of the orange of the iguana mirrored at the stones. Drybrush orange into the stones with the no. four filbert, then Titanium White for the head layer to make the stones glance reflective. Drybrushing provides texture to the stones. 10 portray Birds Birds are renowned matters for work, and you can actually see why. they provide various colours and textures now not normally present in the remainder of the animal state. The typical atmosphere of avian environments delivers significant creative possibilities to boot. A chicken within the Tree 12″ × nine″ (30cm × 23cm) From a photo by means of Mel Theisen atmosphere provides good looks This piece is an instance of the way the ordinary atmosphere provide an extra component to attractiveness. demonstration Robin This undertaking demonstrates how a nontraditional photograph will be reworked right into a attractive portray. This photograph is an excellent instance of utmost contrasts which may produce dramatic leads to your portray. The little robin is just discernible within the darkness of the bushes, but it captures the attention. the colours distinction strongly opposed to the jet black historical past. fabrics paints Alizarin red, Burnt Umber, Cadmium crimson Medium, Cadmium Yellow Medium, Ivory Black, Prussian Blue, Titanium White brushes no. four filbert, no. 3/0 around, no. 2 around Reference photograph Use the grid option to draw the robin in your canvas paper. photo through Mel Theisen Line Drawing Your line drawing may well glance summary as a result of the contrasts, yet don't be concerned. it is going to develop into extra life like through the portray strategy. This step will basically get the shapes accurately put on your paper. 1 start With the Outlines Use the no. 2 around to stipulate the sting of the physique and the wing sector with Ivory Black. Fill within the eye, leaving a small dot of white for the catchlight. commence filling within the head of the robin, and the heritage quarter in the back of the beak. 2 The Awkward degree Use the no. four filbert and Ivory Black to fill within the heritage. change to the no. 2 around and fill within the purple breast of the robin with diluted Cadmium purple Medium. Fill within the beak with diluted Cadmium Yellow Medium. Make a gentle violet with Titanium White, a dab of Alizarin pink and a slightly of Prussian Blue. Use the no. 2 around so as to add this colour to the wing sector. Create a eco-friendly with Cadmium Yellow Medium and a tiny quantity of Prussian Blue. practice this colour with the no. 2 around to create the looks of leaves. three end practice thicker layers of paint to complete. upload natural Cadmium pink Medium to the breast quarter utilizing the no. four filbert. permit your brushstrokes to stick to the path of the feathers. Then upload a slightly of Alizarin pink to the Cadmium purple Medium to make a deep pink and follow it over the preliminary purple layer.

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