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By Charles Bayet

For greater than a millennium, from its construction in 330 CE until eventually its fall in 1453, the Byzantine Empire was once a cradle of inventive effervescence that's in simple terms commencing to be rediscovered. Endowed with the wealthy background of Roman, jap, and Christian cultures, Byzantine artists constructed an architectural and pictorial culture, marked by way of symbolism, whose impact prolonged a ways past the borders of the Empire. at the present time, Italy, North Africa, and the close to East guard the vestiges of this refined creative culture, with all of its mystical and luminous good looks. The beauty of the palaces, church buildings, work, enamels, ceramics, and mosaics from this civilisation promises Byzantine art's strong impression and timelessness.

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Byzantine forces lay siege to Armenia. starting of the nice Schism. Sack of Bari by means of Normans; finish of Byzantine presence in Italy. Defeat and trap of Romanos IV by way of Seljuk forces at Manzikert. Sack of Antioch by means of the Seljuk Empire. Venetians supply information to Byzantines in go back for exchange rights. Departure of an “army of pilgrims”, marking the start of the 1st campaign. Arrival of Godfrey de Bouillon to steer the crusading armies at Constantinople. Crusaders lay siege to Antioch and are trapped within the urban. Sack of Jerusalem by means of crusaders who then have interaction in a bloodbath of the inhabitants. Defeat of crusaders close to Edessa by way of the Turks. starting place of the Knights Templar through French knights at Jerusalem. St. Bernard of Clairvaux preaches the second one campaign at Vezelay. Louis VII lifts the siege of Damascus, marking the tip of the second one campaign. army and advertisement treaty with Venice. Sack of Jerusalem by way of Saladin. starting of the 3rd campaign. AC BYZAN 4C. qxp 1190 1191 1198 1201 1202 1203 1204 1261 1304 1309 1331 1335 1347 1348 1352 1355 1362 1365 1376 1376 1376-1377 1379 1379 1387 1391 1391 1396 1397-1398 1399 1402 1403 1411 1422 1423 1423-1424 1430 1437 1439 1440 1444 1448 1449 1451 1453 1460 1461 1473 11/6/2008 9:33 AM web page 191 Philippe II (Augustus) departs for the 3rd campaign. Richard the Lionheart lays siege to Cyprus, then lower than Byzantine regulate. August,: Pope blameless III demands the liberation of Jerusalem. Crusaders come to an contract at Venice concerning a Fourth campaign. Venice formally joins the campaign. starting of the Fourth campaign (through 1204). The Pope excommunicates Venetians for the sack of Zara. Alexius IV requests aid from the crusaders to recuperate the throne of Constantinople. Arrival of crusaders open air Byzantium. Sack and pillage of Constantinople via the crusaders, marking the tip of the Fourth campaign. Michael VIII Palaiologos retakes Constantinople. Sack of Ephesus by way of the Turks. Knights Hospitaller lay siege to Rhodes. Sack of Nicaea through Turkish forces. Genoese lay siege to Lesbos. Jean VI Cantacuzenus enters Constantinople. Epidemic of Black Plague at Constantinople. clash with Genoa. Victory of Genoese ships over Venice off the coast of Galata. The Doge of Venice proposes annexation to the republic to Byzantium. Turkish military lays siege to Adrianople. Louis I the good of Hungary seizes the Vidin Province. Venice proposes to the emperor the acquisition of the island of Tenedos. Andronicus deals Gallipoli to Sultan Murad in go back for a military. Andronicus takes Constantinople and imprisons John V. Andronicus IV bargains the island of Tenedos to Genoa. Governor of Tenedos bargains the island to Venice. John V and his son Manuel get away and subscribe to forces with Sultan Murad. Murad furnishes a military in go back for Philadelphia (modern-day Alas¸ehir, in Turkey) and a tribute. July 1, John V and Manuel input Constantinople. quit of Thessloniki by the hands of the Turkish military. February sixteen, loss of life of John V. The sultan annexes 1 / 4 of Constantinople. Defeat of Christian forces at Nicopolis.

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