By Ronald Niezen

A global past Difference unpacks the globalization literature and gives a worthy critique: one who is forthright, but balanced, and attracts at the neighborhood paintings of ethnographers to counter relativist and globalist discourses.

  • Presents a full of life conceptual and old map of ways we predict concerning the rising socio-political global, and in particular how we expect politically approximately human cultural differences
  • Interprets, criticizes, and frames responses to international culture
  • Draws from the paintings of contemporary significant social theorists, evaluating them to classical social theorists in an instructive manner
  • Grounds critique of conception in years of ethnographic research

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A central premise of social thought at least since the early Enlightenment has therefore been the inevitability of humanity merging into a single self. Usually this lifeworld-absorbing power is seen to come from the inherent superiority of European culture or civilization, which will then become a force for the liberation of humanity. Religion and savagery may be well and good, some have said, but we have logic, or science, or evolution, or liberty, or psychoanalysis on our side and it will carry us to the terminus of history.

But the absence of religious language from human rights instruments does not mean that the lofty idealism of someone like Jacques Maritain finds no outlet. The Universal Declaration of 1948 was the first human rights instrument to accommodate a multiplicity of ideals, religious and secular, to the extent that it is built on both the highest aspirations of the “Age of Reason” revolutionary tradition and on Christian ecumenical utopianism. ” Its consensus orientation was intended to even out the influence of dominant ideologies and exclude expression, in rights form, of particular political or religious aspirations.

2 This was by no means the only age that experienced sudden worldshrinking encounters. The task of finding the earliest indications of this development would require us to venture far into prehistory, possibly as far as the first settlement of the globe by our humanoid ancestors. Any new technology of transportation or communication, any political alliance or expansion, becomes a step toward integration. 3 Not only have the forces of human integration been pressing forward for a very long time, intellectual reflection on the process has long been part of our world.

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