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Spreading her legs wide to give him better access, she rocked her pelvis against his hand, shuddering when he sank two fingers in to the last knuckle. “Mmm,” she moaned as he twisted his fingers inside her, his thumb jumping into the mix to give her clit some much-needed attention. One, two strokes against the slippery bud and she was gone, the walls of her vagina clamping down in an orgasm so intense her screams echoed off the stone-lined ceiling. He kissed her softly, quieting her, pressing his palm against her sex until the last tremors of her climax faded away.

As cool and casual as if he’d served her a drink. But despite her nonchalance, she hadn’t been able to disguise the postorgasmic flush that crept all the way up her plunging neckline to her cheeks or the way her hands had trembled as they reached out to grab the bottles of wine. She’d studiously ignored him as everyone loaded up into a van and headed into town for the evening’s festivities, and she was careful to seat herself so she had a window on one side and a bridesmaid on the other, ruining his chances of copping a feel in the dark taxi.

Kit conceded that point. For years the guys she hooked up with tended to the slender, wiry side, the exact opposite of Jake’s six foot four of imposing brawn. At an athletic five seven, she wasn’t particularly petite herself, and she had to admit it was kinda fun feeling almost dainty in bed. But so what? So he was still incredibly hot, and his sexual technique had improved by several orders of magnitude. Jake, she reminded herself firmly, was still the original dog that had crushed the romantic spirit of her seventeen-year-old self, screwing her literally and figuratively without so much as a follow-up phone call.

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