By Kenneth M. Setton, Harry W. Hazard

The six volumes of A historical past of the Crusades will stand because the definitive historical past of the Crusades, spanning 5 centuries, encompassing Jewish, Moslem, and Christian views, and containing a wealth of data and research of the historical past, politics, economics, and tradition of the medieval global.

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They wore fancy belts and showed the tails of their pleated bliauts by carrying their mantles twisted on their arms, in front, covering stomachs and not posteriors. They wore necklaces of gems, and had flower garlands around their heads-"' To judge by their sexual behavior these men were not effeminate-they were just ultrafashionable. The basic European dress was the same in Tyre as it was in the 149. Fulcher of Chartres, trans. Ryan, p. 271. 150. James of Vitry, Historia, p. 65. 151. Usamah, pp.

109. " Eraclcs," p. 67. 110. James of Vitry, Historic, p. 92. 111. , I (Paris, 1844), 706; Joinville, pp. 121, 125. 112. William of Tyre, p. " 113. Itinerarium, pp. 330-332; Ambrose, p. 115. 114. Usamah, p. 100. 115. James of Vitry, F,pistolae, p. 111: "non solum laic' sed persone ecciesiastice .... 116. Usamah, p. 165. Ch. I LIFE AMONG THE EUROPEANS IN PALESTINE AND SYRIA 19 but this could not have been a common practice. 120 It is stated in one instance that such baths were kept undefiled from natural functions.

289. , p. 265. 122. UsAmah, p. 166. 123. JoinvWe, p. 153; Usamah, p. 223. 124. Burchard, p. 102. 125. "Assises de Jerusalem," II, 442. 126. Usamah, pp. 97, 155, and elsewhere; Burchard, p. 102. 127. Burchard, p. 102. 128. "Ernoul's Account of Palestine," trans. C. R. Conder, PPTS, VI-2 (London, 1896), S8. 129. Ambrose, p. 131; Urban T. Holmes, "Gerald the Naturalist," Speculum, XI (1936), 115-116. Fulcher of Chartres (trans. Ryan, p. 300) discusses primitive antidotes. 130. Ambrose, p. 128. 131.

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