By The Guardian, Phil Daoust, Ed Pilkington

A booklet of perception, response and research to commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

A decade after that fateful autumn day, the extreme photographs and stories stay with us – the place we have been once we heard the scoop; how we felt at seeing the 1st, then the second one tower cave in. Sep 11: Ten Years On brings jointly some of the best parent journalism of the prior ten years to provide a second of mirrored image and knowing, with a brand new creation via Ed Pilkington.

Ten percentage of the earnings from the sale of this ebook might be donated to charity.

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G E O F F 32 T H O M P S O N ’ S T H R O W S A N D T A K E - D O W N S Balance, Stance, Grip Put these grips into practise because they are the most important part of the take-down. No grip, no throw. To be honest the grip is the most exciting part of the fight to me, I love it. I know that from the outside it can all look a bit dull, it might look like nothing is happening when the players fight for grip, but when you know what you are looking at you’ll love it. It’s like a physical game of chess.

Your bodies should be almost welded together. Any gaps at all and the throw will not happen. Drop your centre of gravity so that your legs are heavily bent and you are beneath his centre of gravity. Your feet should be at least parallel with his, even behind his. Depending upon where his feet are you can stand outside of them, inside of them or somewhere in between. Pick him up off the floor and throw him directly backwards and over your head by straightening your legs and arching your back, crablike.

If your opponent uses this defence you would counter by falling or pushing him forward so that you land on top of him, again getting him where you wanted him in the first place. With the belly to side suplex you can either take the throw simply because you have found yourself in the ideal position to do so or you can create a window, an entry, to set up the throw. Let’s have a look at how you would make the entry to take the throw. As the opponent’s right arm reaches to grip your left shoulder, hook around the opponent’s wrist with the inside of your wrist and sweep it around and into his own side.

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